Hotel Regulation


1/ Please present your passport and visa upon check-in. For Vietnamese citizens, please present your ID card or passport. You will receive your passport and ID card back after checking out.

2/ Please abide by and strictly enforce the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, comply with regulations on fire prevention and fighting, register for temporary residence, and behave properly in public places.

3/ Not allowed into the hotel:Animals, pets.

  • Unhygienic objects, those with heavy smells.
  • Flammable substances, gunpowder, gasoline of all kinds.
  • Weapons without a license from the authorities.
  • Bulky, oversize goods.
  • Toxic substances, radioactive materials and prohibited goods

4/ Please do not smoke in beds or places with no smoking signs. Cooking in the bedroom is prohibited.

5/ When detecting fire and explosion, please press fire alarm button found on the hallway and follow the regulations on fire protection.

6/ Do not hang things or throw garbage out the window.

7/ In order to protect the health and interests of guests, please do not bring outside food into the hotel.

8/ Do not use the bedroom as a liaison office, meeting room, and showroom or for any other purposes.

9/ Do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the number of guests staying in the room without notifying the hotel. 

10/ Arbitrarily moving objects from one room to another as well as redesigning the existing layout of the hotel room is not allowed.

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